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  The practice and design of medicine are changing rapidly. From federal legislative and regulatory issues, to state and local ordinances, external forces are impacting your practice and patients daily. WCMS is comprised solely of physicians and medical students across a wide-range of specialties making us uniquely positioned to advocate for your practice of medicine and the pa- tients you serve. We are proud to be the go-to source for legislative action and community outreach for approximately 1,200 physicians across our county.
We collaborate with fellow counties, the Michigan State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association to address pressing advocacy and public health issues. As the third-largest MSMS physician district in Michigan, our delegation is proud to back local members who wish to serve on the MSMS Board of Directors, AMA committees, and other critical leadership roles that advance the practice of medicine for both physicians and patients.
 WCMS 2020 Executive
Council Officers
James Szocik, MD, President
Terence Joiner, MD, President-Elect Evelyn Eccles, MD, Past President Barbara Threatt, MD, Secretary Martha L. Gray, MD, Treasurer
John E. Billi, MD
Richard Burney, MD (WCMS Bulletin Editor) Sandro K. Cinti, MD
John Hopper, MD
Larry Junck, MD
Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD
Samuel Mackenzie, MD, PhD
Juan Marquez, MD, MPH
William J. Meurer, MD
James C. Mitchiner, MD
Joseph Nnodim, MD, PhD
Fred E. Patterson, MD
Robert L. Sain, MD
David A. Share, MD, MPH
Evangeline J. Spindler, MD
Sharon Swindell, MD
Jerry Walden, MD
Alon Weizer, MD
Bradley J. Uren, MD
 WCMS Membership by the Numbers
Practicing Physicians
Medical Students
            Washtenaw County Medical Society
Executive Director, Gabrielle Szlenkier
5 Research Drive, Suite C • Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 668-6241 • Fax: (734) 668-8928 E-mail:
 Membership by Specialty
  120 100 80 60 40 20 0
                                                 CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE: HTTP://WCMS-MI.ORG
 Wa4shtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN • 2019 YEAR IN REVIEW Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN • 2019 YEAR IN REV4IEW
 Addiction Medicine Adolescent Medicine
Allergy Anesthesiology
Cardiology Cardiovascular Disease
Dermatology Emergency Medicine
Endocrinology Family Practice
Gastroenterology General Practice
Hematology Hospitalist
Infectious Disease Internal Medicine
Nephrology Neurology
Nuclear Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology
Occupational Medicine Oncology
Ophthalmology Otolaryngology
Pain Medicine Pathology
Pediatrics Physical Medicine & Rehab.
Psychiatry Psychoanalysis Pulmonary Disease
Radiology Rheumatology
Surgery Toxicology
Transitional Urology
Unspecified Medical Student

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