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If opportunities arise we should educate learners in the role that organized medicine plays in the development of health policy and the promotion of individual and
public health. Students and trainees are the voice and leadership of the future; encouraging their involvement should be integral to our efforts.
Invite a Colleague: All of the members of the Society have friends and colleagues in the profession in Washtenaw County who are not members of WCMS. We should extend invitations to them to join us for dinner and the educational presentation at a General Session where we can collectively extend a warm welcome. My suggested goal would be for each of us to bring in at least one new member every two years.
Recruit Young Members to the Executive Council (EC): Over the years the Executive Council has grown in wisdom, and also the number of senior physicians; it lacks generational diversity. Younger physicians need to see the EC as a place where they are welcomed and represented. Having more members from this demographic is critical.
Streamline the Executive Council and Strengthening the Committees and Task Forces: The Executive Council has incrementally added committed members over the years, creating a large central leadership body than it needs. At the same time, the smaller committees and task forces reporting to it have withered. There is a disproportionate number of members on the Executive Council compared to the number active on the standing committees and task forces. I think we would be better served by a small, more nimble, effective EC that can act on recommend- ations from our focused task forces and committees.
Term limits for members of the Executive Committee is one way to rebalance, making room for newer, younger members while not losing the expertise of current long-serving EC members who could continue their engagement and provide valuable contributions as members of committees and task forces
Speak to others about our Mission and Vision, and assure that the organization is driven by them: Our Mission it to offer professional and collegial support for physicians, and to advocate for physician, patient, public health and the health of the public. Spread the word to potential members. If you know members or potential members who would be outstanding members of the EC or the Society’s committees or task forces, speak to them. Encourage them. And if you are a member who would like to become more involved, please let us know.
As I close out my year as president, I look forward to assisting Dr. Joseph Nnodim, who will become WCMS President in January, and to continuing my service in the Society. I am fortunate in being able to work with each of you, and the many new physicians who will join our organization in the years ahead.
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