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From the Editor
By Richard E. Burney, MD
What to look for in this issue of the Bulletin
There is a lot to read about in this issue of the Bulletin.
Andy Barnosky, whose
passion for the profession of medicine and for this organization in particular cannot be overstated, finishes his year as WCMS President with a thoughtful, heart-felt proposal for moving us forward.
Will Meurer offers a tongue-in-cheek but completely serious assessment of Michigan’s abandonment of the motorcycle helmet law.
The General Session report summarizes the very interesting presentation on the new medical school curriculum. This is complemented by an enthusiastic com- panion piece by Sam Schuiteman, a new M-1, reminding us of the excitement of the first year of med school, especially when you enter as the first class in a new, transformational curriculum.
There are three contributions to Share Your Story. Cheryl Farmer recounts what she learned from two home visits. Steve Landau reflects on his 50 years in medicine. And in the first part of a
two-part memoir, I describe the surreal but true events that I experienced as a new 3rd year student at the Boston City Hospital in the very cold winter of 1967-68.
To get you started thinking about next year’s House of Delegates meeting in late April 2018, you can read an analysis of what happened at last year’s HOD. It s not too soon to be thinking about how we can change the (medical) world!
Plus, the Legislative Report, the list of new members, announcements, and minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.
Congratulations: Dr. Andrew Barnosky presents a plaque to Dr. Brad Uren in recognition of his service as President of WCMS in 2016
Bradley Uren, MD (L), Andrew Barnosky, DO, MPH (R)
Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN OCTOBER / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2017

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