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Ayesha Khan, MD Rhami Khorfan, MD Carranda Koop, MD Edward Kreimier, MD Tony Kuzhippala, MD Michael LaFata, MD Keith Langlois, MD Melani Lighter, MD Robert Lin, MD
Talya Lorenz, MD
Laura Lozier, MD
Cat Macardle, MD
Emily Maris, MD
Ruby Marr, MD
Marko Martinovski, MD Hrishabh Modi, MD
Sara Muszynski, MD Mohammed Nabhan, MD Rama Priyanka Nagireddi, MD Abby Navratil, MD
Stephanie Norris, MD Johnna Nynas, MD Nancy Omorodion, MD Jennifer O’Neill, MD Caitlin Parker, MD
Ankit Patel, MD
Devin Patel, MD
Sylvester Paulasir, MD
Luke Pesonen, MD Katherine Petrin, MD Edward Qiao, MD
Roger Ramcharan, MD Balaguru Ravi, MD
Katie Riddle, MD
Benjamin Roose, MD
Sufiya Shaik, MD
Olabisi Sheppard, MD Taeyong Sim, MD
Kristen Spoor, MD
Andrea Starostanko, MD Maria Sturla, MD
Karine Tawagi, MD Christopher Thuruthumaly, MD Muhammad Usman, MD Amy Vandenberg, MD
Aela Vely, MD
Alan Vorst, MD
Abdullah Wafa, MD
Jeffrey Walker, MD
Dima Youssef, MD
Join the Washtenaw County Medical Society Alliance (WCMSA)
WCMSA is an organization of physician spouses and partners, working together for the benefit of our community, families, and the profession of medicine. We are a county-wide support network caring for a Healthy tomorrow. We strive to improve the health and life-styles of all citizens. The Medical Alliance provides a forum for sharing information and concerns about the practice of medicine, the quality of health care and the stresses faced by the medical family. We are dedicated to advancing the health of Washtenaw County through advocacy and action.
Join us today, membership is only $10! Contact for additional details.
University of Michigan Hospital Residents:
Sarah S Allexan, MD Andrew M Brod, MD Kayla L Bronder, MD Ryan Eton, MD
Philip S Garza, MD
Laila A Gharzai, MD John R Joseph, MD Caroline Ann Kieserman-
Shmokler, MD Ishani Kumar, MD Tony Ljuldjuraj, MD Andrew G Lohse, MD Daniel A. Lyons, MD Vincent T Ma, MD Gunjan Malhotra, MD
Alexandra Norcott, MD Elizabeth Anne Paluga, MD Anne G Sammarco, MD Jordan K Schaefer, MD Anette Terran Scheffer-
White, MD
Laura Seewald, MD Michael J Strong, MD Mazie Tsang, MD
Megan M Tuohy, MD Christopher L Wallace, MD Christine Wang, MD
Max Wayne, MD
Stephani K Zakutansky, MD
“Cookies with Santa”
The WCMS Alliance will host a children’s “Cookies with Santa” event!
When: December 10, 2017 Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: WCMS Offices: 5 Research Drive, Suite C, Ann Arbor
We invite all WCMS member families and future WCMS member families.
Bring your children and grandchildren!
Capture the fun – take a family photo with Santa!
Please RSVP by December 6, 2017
to or call (734) 668-6241.
Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN

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