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Executive Council Meeting Highlights
Washtenaw County Medical Society
The Executive Council of the Washtenaw County Medical Society met Thursday evening, September 7, 2017. The meeting was presided by Andrew Barnosky, President. Council members present included: Doctors Joseph Nnodim, President-Elect, Rudi Ansbacher, John Billi, Allan Brown, Evelyn Eccles, Cheryl Farmer, Marth Gray, Treasurer, Terence Joiner, Larry Junck, Phillip Margolis, Jessie Marshall, James Mitchiner, Fred Patterson, Robert Sain, David Share, Evangeline Spindler, Barbara Threatt, Secretary, Richard Burney, WCMS Editor, Staff: Dolores Nixon, Executive Director, and guest medical students; Anicia Mirchandani, 2016-17 AMA President, Steven Allen, Joe Habbouche, and Jonathan Porath.
CALL TO ORDER: President-Barnosky 6:30 p.m. INTRODUCTIONS: Students and welcome new
Executive Director, Dolores Nixon
APPROVAL OF AGENDA: A motion was made to approve the agenda by Dr. Cheryl Farmer, seconded by Dr. David Share. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA: The September 12, 2017 the June minutes and membership applications were emailed to the group for review prior to the meeting. A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda by Dr. Evangeline Spindler, seconded by Dr. David Share. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Through review of the bylaws as it pertains to the section for the nominations and term limits for the Executive Council it was agreed to have the WCMS by-laws reflect the practice of the organization. A review of the by-law documentation by the nomination committee was requested as it relates to the defined terms for executive council members and committees and task forces and the reappointment process. If our practices are different from the by-laws, the committee will provide a recommendation to the By-laws Committee.
Smaller strategic committees and task forces were recommended to help steer the organization to growth to include recruitment and retention of members, the value proposition and our benefits. The 2018 committee and task force volunteers were identified:
2018 Nominations Committee – Drs. Barbara Threatt, Chair, Cheryl Farmer, Terry Joiner
2018 Membership Committee – Drs. Evelyn Eccles, Chair, Robert Sain, William Meurer
2018 Legislative Committee – Drs. James Mitchiner- Chair, Rudi Ansbacher, Richard Burney, Jessie Marshall, Larry Junck, Charles Koopman, Brad Uren
2018 General Session / Program Task Force – Drs. Joseph Nnodim – Chair, Evangeline Spindler Co-Chair, Andrew Barnosky, Jessie Marshall, (2-3 students TBD)
FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT: Review of the financials and the forecast is such that we are scheduled to lose approximately $15K again this year. The loss is
a result of less full dues paying members, increase in HOD and general session food/meeting costs, executive director search expenses, and Director’s & Officer insurance (MSMS no longer covers WCMS). Committee recommendations and solutions framework include:
  Increase the number of practicing, full dues paying members
  WCMS Active Emeritus dues to $150 (as of 2015 this became a new membership segment for dues: MSMS charges $150, with $0 WCMS dues. Other county societies charge $150.)
  Increase bulletin ads and additional web ads
  Acquire sponsorship dollars for WCMS events
  RX program – to be further discussed in October
  Revisit IHA group membership
  Create General Session/Task Group –naming convention, costs (pilot in 2018), and content.
  Alleviate liability at the sessions for bar/alcohol. Include in the charge for the meeting.
PUBLIC HEALTH REPORT: The report will be emailed (included in the consent agenda) in advance of the meet- ings and the Executive Council members will bring forward questions or concerns to the meetings for discussion.
MSMS ORGANIZATION REMODEL AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT: MSMS Board of Directors reviewed recommendations from the MSMS House of Delegates input session. The input report highlighted 4 areas of focus:
  Increase MSMS membership, which is critical to support a strong, effective and financially sustainable organization.
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