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What to Look For in This
Issue of The Bulletin
By Richard E. Burney, MD
Once again the Bulletin offers a variety of information and news for you to read and consider. WCMS President Nnodim in his message, To Fray A Safety Net, argues thoughtfully and forcefully against legislative proposal to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. (Page 4) I follow this up with thoughts on the question, why are our legislators not listening to physicians? (Page 6) We need a stronger collective voice in Lansing, which leads us to perhaps the most important topic explored this issue: the future of the Michigan State Medical Society as it works to restructure to meet the needs of the future. If you haven’t read about the proposed Organizational Remodeling, this is the time to do it. (Page 12) For perspective, there are two other related articles. One is a detailed report of the activities of the Washtenaw County delegation to this year’s MSMS House
of Delegates. (Pages 8-11) You can read the report and decide if you like what your local leadership is doing on your behalf. Washtenaw County is always one of the most active delegations. Along with this you should read the report entitled, “The Kids are Alright,” in which our medical students describe their experiences at the HOD. They are the future. (Page 15-17)
You will also want to read at your leisure our regular features. Eden Wells, the embattled Chief Medical Executive of MI DHHS, gave a comprehensive review of her work at our May 9 MedConnect session. (Page 22) Our book review calls attention to a unique and interesting autobiography, Neither Red Nor Dead. (Page 19) In Share Your Story, the saga of a 3rd year medical student on clinical rotations in 1968 continues; medical school can be stressful; the experience this time is not such a happy one.
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