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houses everywhere – and there is no requirement that landlords remove lead paint when putting homes up
for lease (see; the opioid “crisis” whose root causes extend far beyond prescriptions physicians may write; “medical” marijuana, which looks like it will go to the voters in the fall.
Dr. Wells is so passionate and articulate about public health problems in the state that it is hard to believe she has been accused by the Attorney General, Bill Schuette, of obstruction of justice and involuntary manslaughter related to the timing of noti cation of Flint residents about the increase in cases of Legionnaire’s disease in 2014 and 2015. Preliminary hearings related to this have been ongoing since February. This was not something that she was able to talk about, but her obvious, un agging enthusiasm for improving public health across the state is both remarkable and admirable in
the face of such accusations.
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