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The Kids Are Alright
WCMS Medical Students
Discuss MSMS House of
Delegates Meeting
By Gabrielle Szlenkier
WCMS had the opportunity to sit down with six, University of Michigan medical students who authored resolutions for the MSMS House of Delegates (HOD) meeting. Read what these bright, future leaders had to say about the resolution process and how they feel about advocating for organized medicine.
Meet the Students n Class of 2021
Arjun Adapa
Policy interests: neurologic disorders and global health.
Sanjana Prasad
Policy interests: women’s and children’s health care and health care for minorities and traditionally underserved populations.
Michael Broderick
Policy interests: ef cient health care delivery and technological integration.
Sam Schuiteman
Policy interests:
US healthcare policy.
Lauren McGee
Policy interests: women’s health and wellness, advocating for children, and strengthening the intersection between health and education.
Melinda Song
Policy interests: health disparities and US healthcare policy.
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