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The Next 150 Years
MSMS is steeped in tradition. By modifying three main components, it will become a more diverse organization able to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing world of medicine:
• A smaller, more nimble board with full  duciary responsibility and skills-based leaders.
• A more modern way to get member feedback on priorities and policies.
• More  exible membership options and consistent pricing across the state.
This is an ambitious, important, and timely endeavor. We appreciate the time that you took to review this
information and look forward to more input from you and your colleagues as we move forward.
Never has there been a more important time to ensure that physicians come together and do collective good for the patients that they serve, as we set the path for the next 150 years.
Following the July 2014 session on long-term membership and non-dues revenue trends, the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) Board of Directors composed a Task Force on Membership and Sustainability. The members of the MSMS Board determined the accelerated changes in the broader health care environment and signi cant changes in the physician demographics have made it dif cult to engage new generations of physicians in a structure that was built when the vast majority of physicians were in small, independent practices.
The focus of the Task Force on Membership and Sustainability were as follows:
1. Identify who the Society serves;
2. How is the Society serving those identi ed;
3. Establish the future sustainability of the organization; and,
4. Develop the optimal governance structure for MSMS.
Because the  nancial model and governance are intertwined and because there have been many discussions about change over the last four decades that did not have an impact, the Task Force on Membership and Sustainability and the MSMS Board of Directors determined an outside consultant with expertise in this area would allow MSMS to develop an organizational structure that will guide the next 150 years.
The MSMS Board chose Tecker International to assist with restructuring MSMS. Throughout a series of sessions, MSMS leaders, members, and non-members gathered to examine the components of the infrastructure model and to assess the current structure and processes. This information was used to create several models of what MSMS’s infrastructure could look like in the future given the different needs that physicians have today. >>
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