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Dr. Robert Sain enjoys the HOD reception
accepted a friendly amendment from the author during testimony and amended the words “dangers and problems” to “potential and known risks.”
Title: Impact of Natural Disasters on Pharmaceutical Supply and Public Health Original Author: Dr. James Szocik
House Action: Amend
RESOLVED: That the Michigan Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) ask our AMA to study the impact of natural disasters on the pharmaceutical supply chain and downstream effects on patient care, as well as the adequacy of our governmental response to mitigating these recent natural disasters. And be it further; RESOLVED: That the Michigan Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) asks the AMA to consider the impact of group purchasing organizations on drug shortages. The Committee accepted a friendly amendment from the author during testimony.
Title: Incentives for Regular Physical Exercise
Original Author: Melinda Song (Medical Student) House Action: Amend
RESOLVED: That MSMS encourages initiatives by the Michigan Legislature and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that positively incentive regular physical exercise as a means of improving health. The Committee was unsure that increased access to  tness facilities equates to increased use.
Title: Medically Accurate Comprehensive Sex Education in Michigan
Original Author: Lauren McGee (Medical Student) House Action: Amend
RESOLVED: That MSMS amend existing policy, “Public Funding of Sex Education Programs,” by addition and deletion as follows: MSMS supports public funding of existing state and federal level comprehensive* sex and reproductive education programs, recognizing that these programs are the most effective in creating positive health outcomes for students and should be made available to all students receiving secondary education in the state of Michigan in an age appropriate manner including expanded use of the Michigan Model for Health; and be it further
RESOLVED: That MSMS supports researching literature and policy regarding best practices in states that have made comprehensive sex education widely available and effective, with the intent of  nding cost-effective ways to replicate these models in the state of Michigan. *as de ned by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Based on testimony for this resolution and similar resolutions, the Committee offered the amendment to ensure that sex education was delivered in an age-appropriate manner and not limited to only secondary education.
Title: Require Transparency and Discontinue Public Funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers Original Author: Dr. Cheryl Famer
House Action: Refer
The Committee believed that the competing priorities of being certain of patient safety and awareness is a top priority versus the variabilities in the capabilities of crisis pregnancy centers is incredibly important. Additionally, a single answer does not address all types of centers. The Committee believed that this issue needs more study and careful consideration to ensure there are
no unintended consequences in this sensitive issue.
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