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Dr. Farmer suggested addition of links from the Bulletin Table of Contents to the article, and an icon to return to the Table of Contents. She also suggested adding a better, more enticing topic
in the “Subject Line”, which currently states “The Bulletin Can Be Read Online”. Belinda will contact Village Press to provide these features. Currently 30% of membership opens and clicks through the Bulletin.
Anicia Mirchandani reported several students will be attending AMA Annual Conference. She thanked the Council for allowing her to attend the meetings, and said this year’s M1 students will transition and recruit new AMA medical students and 2018 officers.
Anicia was asked if medical students were not allowed to participate in the MSMS Organizational
Remodeling meeting held on Saturday, May 6, at the House of Delegates, in Grand Rapids. Anicia responded there were medical students who were not delegates. The group discussed how representation of medical students at the House of Delegates is important. This item to be addressed once the MSMS remodeling takes place. There was concern that anything that weakens the medical student voice weakens the future of medicine.
Dr. Nnodim announced that Dr. Brad Uren was going to be given a plaque in gratitude for service as WCMS President in 2016, but he could not attend tonight’s meeting due to his work schedule.
A recommendation for MSMS to offer a 1 CME program on ethics, and the development of other CME programs to show the value of MSMS membership. Belinda will relay this recommendation to MSMS.
MSMS currently offers 1 CME On-Demand
Volume 69 • Number 3 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN 23

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