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Executive Council Meeting Highlights
Washtenaw County Medical Society
JUNE 2, 2017
Joseph Nnodim, President-Elect, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
EC: Doctors Rudi Ansbacher, Evelyn Eccles, Cheryl Farmer, Terence Joiner, Jessie Marshall, William Meurer, David Share, Evangeline Spindler, Belinda Chandler, Executive Director, and Richard Burney, WCMS Editor. Medical student Anicia Mirchandani and Dolores Nixon, incoming WCMS Executive Director attended.
Agenda and Consent Agenda Approval
PRESIDENT-ELECT’S REPORT: Dr. Nnodim introduced the new WCMS Executive Director, Dolores Nixon, and explained the Search Committee’s thorough review process.
The decision to offer the position to Ms. Nixon was unanimous.
House of Delegates Final Resolutions: Belinda Chandler reviewed the final WCMS resolution results. Four were approved or amended, one was referred, and only two were disapproved.
MSMS/WCMS Membership Drops: The group reviewed the list of members whose membership cancelled due to non-payment of dues. The EC will follow up by contacting these individuals to persuade them to renew.
MSMS Committee Appointment Recommendations: Belinda notified the group that MSMS is recruiting for committee appointment recommendations. It is an opportunity to recruit
a non-member and recommend them for a committee, especially non-members from Michigan
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