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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Belinda Chandler announced that the 2017 MSMS House of Delegates Handbook is available. Resolution review assignments will be forthcoming for the resolution review meeting.
Dr. Farmer reported that the Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence recently sent a letter to Governor Snyder thanking him for supporting the Affordable Care Act and the Michigan Medicaid Expansion. Motion approved for WCMS to send one too.
NEW BUSINESS/OLD BUSINESS: Dr. Brad Uren reported that he and Dr. Pino Colone, Chair MSMS Opioid Task Force, met with Lt. Governor Calley re: new legislative proposals addressing the opioid epidemic and to reinforce the commitment of the physician community. Proposed legislation will require prescribers to obtain reports from MAPS before prescribing Schedule 2 through 5 class
of drugs to a patient, and will require disciplinary action if a prescriber does not do so. The physician must have the patient sign an informed consent.
An email to all MSMS members strongly encouraged sign up to the new system, with only 30% complet- ing it. Dr. Uren would like to get that number to 80% to show physician support of the utilization of this new MAPS system, therefore negating the reasoning for this legislation to proceed.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Mitchiner reported that Dr. Jack Bill has served for 12 years on the MSMS Board, including 3 years as MSMS Secretary. Dr. Billi’s last House of Delegates will be in May. Drs. Mitchiner and Cinti agreed to continue Dr. Billi’s tradition of taking U of M medical students to MSMS Board meetings.
ADJOURNMENT: 7:40 p.m. May meeting was cancelled. The next scheduled meeting is June 2, 2017.
20 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN JULY / AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2017

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