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General Session Highlights
Washtenaw County Medical Society
MAY, 2017
Summary of Remarks by Dr. Laraine Washer on Antimicrobial Resistance Dr. Laraine Washer is from the Division of
Infectious Diseases at University of Michigan Hospital. She provided an overview of the problem of antimicrobial resistance and the present public health threat.
Here are some of her key points:
  More than 2 million infections with antibiotic resistant bacteria occur annually in the United States.
  There is a scarcity in new antibiotics being developed. She highlighted carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae (e.g. E.coli and Klebsiella species) as the nightmare bacteria that has spread globally resulting in cases of infections that are untreatable with our current antibiotics.
  She explained four key actions that may help sustain the antibiotic era:
●  tracking resistant infections
●  preventing infections
●  improving appropriate use of antibiotics (antimicrobial stewardship)
●  developing new drugs and diagnostic tests Dr. Washer emphasized there was an urgent need
to change the way we think about antibiotics:
  Antibiotic use is a healthcare quality issue that impacts patient safety.
  Antibiotics are a shared resource – the way we use antibiotics today in one patient will impact how effectively we can use antibiotics tomorrow in the next patient.
Volume 69 • Number 3 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN 17
Left to right: Terry Stillwell, MD, Laraine Washer, MD, Payal Patel, MD, Valerie Vaughn, MD.
Left to right: Jim Szocik, MD, Karen Szocik, PHD, Andrew Barnosky, MD, Cheryl Farmer, MD, Terrence Joiner, MD

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