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President’s Message
by Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD
Upcoming Events
The upcoming months are busy for us as we prepare for two outstanding General Sessions.
On Tuesday, September 16, we will be holding an All Candidates Forum which will be open to our WCMS members as well as the community. The forum will feature many House Representative and Senate candidates running for office in November, 2014. The purpose of the forum is to educate our mem­ bers and public about current issues, allow face­to­face compari­ sons of the candidates and their positions, and to stimulate and increase voter interest and partici­ pation in the election. Questions will be taken from the audience after all the candidates speak. We all know there are many issues that compete for attention by our elected officials and those running for office, and this opportunity allows these candidates to know WCMS better and what we believe to be important in our community.
On Tuesday, November 4, we will be holding a panel discussion on the alarming rise in heroin overdose deaths in Washtenaw County. The General Session called “Opiate Addiction in Washtenaw County”
will feature a variety of professionals who work in treating substance abuse in various capacities, as well as a recovering addict and a parent, whose child died from a heroin overdose, and is spear heading a grassroots awareness campaign to make heroin addiction and its avail­ ability in the community known.
This discussion is important for all physicians to attend, not only to learn what is happening in Washte­ naw County, but what is also being done with our partners in surround­ ing communities and the state.
The strength of WCMS is deter­ mined by the level of involvement of its members. With that in mind, I encourage you to attend both of these General Sessions.
Please come and join me on this journey. Let’s continue to project a positive and professional image as we have since this organization was first chartered in 1827.
I look forward to seeing you at one or both of our upcoming events!
Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD Otolaryngology
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Volume 66 • Number 3
Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN 5

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