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Executive Council Meeting Highlights
Washtenaw County Medical Society
MARCH 1, 2018
The Executive Council of the Washtenaw County Medical Society held a conference call on Thursday evening March 1, 2018 presided by Dr. Joseph Nnodim, President, due to a snow storm.
Council members present: Drs. Jack Billi; Allan Brown; Evelyn Eccles, President-Elect; Cheryl Farmer; Martha Gray; Terry Joiner; Charles Koopmann; Samuel Mackenzie; Jessie Marshall; William Meurer; James Mitchiner; Fred Patterson; James Szocik; Barbara Threatt; and Gabrielle Szlenkier, Executive Director.
Additional participants: Yijung Yang, Alirio DeMeireles, and Alexander Blaty (Dr. Billi’s medical students) and
Dr. Gina Pang (public health resident with Dr. Marshall.)
CALL TO ORDER – President Nnodim 6:30 p.m. INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS – Welcome
A motion was made to approve the agenda and meeting minutes by Dr. Farmer, seconded by Dr. Patterson. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
Influenza continues to circulate at elevated levels in Washtenaw County, but it does appear the County peaked locally at the beginning of February. Lab-confirmed flu reports have decreased in the past 3 weeks and school illness reports have started to fall as well. Influenza A/ H3N2 remains the dominant virus; A/H1N1 and B viruses are also being reported at lower levels.
Dr. Marshall shared her work with the Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) Opioid Project. WCMS will be partnering with WHI going forward. Dr. Marshall detailed how stakeholders are working together to combat the opioid epidemic and how legislative issues are impacting the community.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Nnodim thanked the Executive Council for their flexibility in changing the in- person meeting to a conference call due to the weather. Reports of the committees and task forces:
  2018 General Session / Program Task Force – Dr. Joseph Nnodim provided an update the upcoming March 6 “Connect” event next Tuesday
at the Ann Arbor City Club. Dr. Nnodim thanked the Executive Council volunteers that have agreed to be mentors next Tuesday.
  2018 Legislative Committee – Dr. James Mitchiner, Chair: Gabrielle shared an update following the February 19 meeting on: maintenance of certification, auto no-fault, and prescription drug diversions. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and State Representative Adam Zemke were in attendance, along with Josh Richmond of MSMS. Meeting attendees shared that they believed this meeting to be an incredibly successful dialogue between legislators particularly on opioid, mental health, and gun issues.
Conference call participants discussed the case against MSU and USA gymnastics physician, Dr. Larry Nassar. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA), of which Dr. Nassar was a member, released a statement affirming that the manipulations performed by Dr. Nassar on victims has no medical merit or legitimacy. Call participants recom- mended that if MSMS is looking for more sessions at Scientific Assembly, a panel or round-table session may be prudent particularly as it pertains to helping physicians streamline and clarify the sexual abuse allegations and ensuring protections for patients.
The following resolutions were successfully submitted to MSMS (titles may chance advance of the April House of Delegates meeting):
1. A Resolution to Require Truth in Operations by Crisis Pregnancy Centers and to Discontinue their Public Funding – Cheryl Farmer, MD
2. A resolution that MSMS adopt the 2017 revision of the Declaration of Geneva – Cheryl Farmer, MD 3. An Obligation to Refer for Physicians Exercising
Conscientious Objection – Cheryl Farmer, MD 4. Evaluating the Impact of Natural Disasters on
Pharmaceutical Supply and Public Health – James
Szocik, MD on behalf of Samuel Mackenzie, MD 5. Marijuana is Not “No” Ordinary Weed –
Robert Sain, MD
  WCMS members discuss legislative issues with Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, State Rep. Adam Zemke, and staff from State Rep. Yousef Rabhi’s office.
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