Page 22 - Volume 70 Number 2
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WCMS Opioid Survey Results
By Richard E. Burney, MD and Gabrielle Szlenkier
The WCMS Bulletin surveyed its members regarding attitudes about the new restrictions on prescribing Schedule 2-5 drugs. Here is what our members said:
1. How well informed are you about the new law?
4. What do you expect the effect to be on your workload?
5. Have you (or do you expect to) change your practice in response to the new law?
  2. Which of the new requirements are you aware of?
3. What are your general feelings about the new law’s effect on opioid prescribing?
6. How many of your patients do you expect to be affected?
    22 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2018

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