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4 From the Editor – Nota Bene Richard E. Burney, MD
6 President’s Message – Preserving Humanism in Medicine
Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH, FACEP
8 I Have Something to Say... Richard E. Burney, MD
11 General Session Meeting Announcement – The End of the Antibiotic Era?
May 16, 2017
12 MPRO Update – April 2017 James Mitchiner, MD, MPH
14 Washtenaw County Resolutions to the MSMS House of Delegates
19 Medical Student Forum with Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Abdul El-Sayed
Jonathan McBride and Apoorv Dhir
20 The Most Remarkable Patient I Ever Met Richard E. Burney, MD
22 Paralyzing Summer
The Story Behind the Story Richard E. Burney, MD
24 Dr. Brad J. Uren Makes the Legislative Rounds
26 General Session Highlights – March 21, 2017
28 Executive Council Meeting Highlights – April 6, 2017
29 Washtenaw County Legislators Attend First 2017 Legislative update Meeting
30 WCMS Community Involvement
– Human Trafficking Event
– Addressing the Rising Trends in Suicide
32 WCMS / MSMS Application
The WCMS BULLETIN is a publication devoted to medical news, scientific works and medical services and the welfare of this community, ©2017 Washtenaw County Medical Society.
The Society is not responsible for any statement made in articles published.
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April / May / June 2017
Richard E. Burney, MD
Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH, FACEP....................... President Joseph Nnodim, MD ......................................... President-Elect Barbara A. Threatt, MD............................................. Secretary Martha L. Gray, MD ................................................... Treasurer
Elected Members
Evelyn Eccles, MD Jeffrey Jentzen, MD Lauren B. Smith, MD
Executive Council Members
Rudi Ansbacher, MD
John E. Billi, MD
Allen C. D. Brown, MD Sandro K. Cinti, MD
Cheryl Farmer, MD
Terrance Joiner, MD
Larry Junck, MD
Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD Philip M. Margolis, MD
Jessie Marshall, MD, MPH William J. Meurer, MD James C. Mitchiner, MD Joseph Nnodim, MD
Fred E. Patterson, MD David Share, MD
Evangeline J. Spindler, MD James F. Szocik, MD Edward P. Washabaugh, MD
MSMS Directors – District 14
Sandro Cinti, MD James C. Mitchiner, MD, MPH
MSMS Delegates
2016 - 2017
Rudi Ansbacher, MD
Oliver Cameron, MD
Evelyn Eccles, MD
Martha Gray, MD
Cheryl Farmer, MD
Larry Junck, MD
Charles Koopmann, Jr., MD
Cynthia Krueger, MD Joseph Nnodim, MD Robert Sain, MD Lauren Smith, MD James Szocik, MD Barbara A. Threatt, MD
MSMS Alternate Delegates
2016 - 2017
Marguerite Shearer, MD Jerry Walden, MD Bradley J. Uren, MD
MSMS Delegates
2017 - 2018
Samuel Mackenzie, MD, PhD Natalie Schellpfeffer, MD Christopher Petrilli, MD
Alternate Delegate
2017 - 2018
Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH
Executive Director
Belinda Chandler
Washtenaw County Medical Society
5 Research Drive, Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Phone: (734) 668-6241 Fax: (734) 668-8928
Volume 69 • Number 2
Volume 69 • Number 2
Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN 3

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