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but are not limited to, prior authorization, formularies, and tiers for compounded medications, and encourages the FTC and FDA to monitor PBMs’ policies for potential conflicts of interests and anti-trust violations, and to take appropriate enforcement actions should those policies advantage pharmacies in which the PBM holds an economic interest.” Approved.
  Resolution 80-16, as amended, calls on MSMS to study expanding the definition of “preventive care” in the context of health savings account-eligible high deductible health plans to include clearly- defined, specific, evidence-based secondary services and treatments which have the purpose
of preventing the progression of, or associated complications from, chronic conditions, illnesses or diseases. These findings could be used to determine future advocacy to the AMA. Approved.
New Licensing Requirements:
  Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking Education – This is a one-time training that is separate from usual CME requirements. Licensees renewing for 2017 must complete training by renewal in 2020; renewals for 2018 by 2021; and renewals for 2019 by 2022. Beginning in 2021, completion of the training is a requirement for initial licensure.
  Education on Pain and Symptom Management – Starting in December 2017, a minimum of 3 hours
of CME shall be earned in the area of pain and symptom management.
  Medical Ethics Education – A minimum of 1 hour of CME shall be earned in the area of medical ethics.
The MSMS Foundation is developing education in Human Trafficking, Pain and Symptom Management and Medical Ethics via web-based modules and live conferences in 2017 to meet the new education requirements listed above.
Public Health and Immunization: The recent change in administrative rules has resulted in a 35.4% decrease in the overall immunization waiver rates in 2015. IVaccinate, a statewide media campaign launched on March 20, 2017, targets messages to parents who are vaccine hesitant. It is a collaborative effort between the Franny Strong Foundation, MDHHS, and the Parent Information Network.
Kudos to Dr. Billi: The upcoming May Board meeting will be the last for Dr. Jack Billi, who has served admirably for 12 years on the Board, including 3 years as MSMS Secretary. Please join me in thanking Jack for his many years of dedicated and thoughtful service to MSMS, and for his innumerable contributions to organized medicine in Michigan and the patients it serves. Well done, Jack!
Washtenaw County Legislators Attend First 2017 Legislative Update Meeting
The February 13 meeting of the Legislative Update Committee started off big with new Washtenaw legis- lators as well as seasoned veterans in attendance.
Attendees included Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Senator Rebekah Warren, Representative Donna Lasinski, Representative Adam Zemke, and Conan Smith, Legislative Aid from Representative Ronnie Peterson’s office.Colin Ford,MSMS Senior Director,State and Federal Government Relations, and members of WCMS were also present.
The meeting was chaired by James Mitchiner,MD,MPH.
The agenda was packed with legislative issues,
but the most pressing was the possible replacement of the Affordable Care Act, which was first and foremost on the minds of the legislators,who urged members to communicate their concerns to their legislators.
The next committee meeting is Monday,May 1,from 7:30 9:00 the Society office.Members
interested in participating in any of the legislative meetings are encouraged to contact Belinda Chandler, Executive Director,
Future scheduled meetings are September 11 and November 7,2017.
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