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not confirm whether the consumer has a physician and do not suggest follow up with their physician if there are any concerns, and
Whereas, the US Food and Drug Administration and ultrasound equipment manufacturers both recommend against the entertainment use of ultrasound equipment, and
Whereas, the non-medical personnel who are per- forming these “keepsake” ultrasounds are not required to be trained or otherwise regulated under state law, as are medically trained personnel and physicians, and
Whereas, a pregnant woman purchasing a “keepsake” ultrasound may assume that all is well when it is not, because neither they nor the non-medical person producing the ultrasound knows how to read it, or may incorrectly assume that having had this non-medical ultrasound obviates the need to see an obstetrician
for a medical ultrasound; therefore be it
RESOLVED: That MSMS advocate with the Michigan
Legislature that the use of ultrasound equipment for non-medical purposes, by non-medical personnel, is potentially dangerous to a woman and her fetus and should be prohibited.
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Medicare Reimbursement Formula for Oncologists Administering Drugs Cheryl Farmer, MD, for the Washtenaw County Delegation
Cheryl Farmer, MD Reference Committee A
Whereas, oncologists currently purchase chemothera- peutic agents for in-office administration to patients and bill Medicare for the purchase cost plus an additional
6 percent of the cost of the chemotherapeutic agent
as reimbursement for the infusion or injection of said agent, and
Whereas, the 6 percent reimbursement becomes 4.3 percent with prompt pay discounts, and
Whereas, the time and attention required to adminis- ter one chemotherapeutic agent compared to another has no relation to its cost, and
Whereas, the current Medicare reimbursement strategy poses financial risks to practices and creates a perverse incentive to prescribe a newer, more expensive drug when an older, less expensive drug may be equally effective, and
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