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Screening for Depression and Alcohol Abuse.
MPRO hosts a Behavioral Health Collaborative that meets on a quarterly basis to share intervention strate- gies; participants include cross-setting providers. We are also working with inpatient psychiatric facilities on reducing their readmission rates.
 Since most cases of depression and alcoholism are detected in primary care settings, MPRO’s efforts are focused on educating PCPs to screen and detect these disorders during routine office visits. PCPs who are successful in reporting can earn additional reimbursement from Medicare.
Antibiotic Stewardship. MPRO is working with outpa- tient settings to reduce the misuse/overuse of antibiotics and minimize the development of antibiotic resistance. We’re currently recruiting ambulatory surgery centers, federally-qualified health centers, hospital emergency departments, physician offices and other outpatient settings for this initiative.
 Inappropriate use of anti-infective agents has seri- ous consequences in terms of antibiotic resistance, C-difficile infections, drug interactions, allergic reactions, preventable hospitalizations and excess costs. Dissemination of evidence-based guidelines to physician offices should help to reduce misuse and overuse of antibiotics.
Medicaid Fee-for-Service utilization and review services for MDHHS that focus on elective inpatient admissions and inter-hospital transfers; readmission/ rehabilitation admission; and continued stay.
 All physicians who treat Medicaid patients play an important role in serving as stewards of the public purse. Both primary care physicians and specialists may get occasional calls from an MPRO physician reviewer to clarify the medical necessity for a procedure, admission, medication, enteral formula, inpatient rehabilitation or inter-hospital transfer. Since it is vital that we hear about the clinical aspects of each case from the treating physician, we value highly his or her opinion, and we try to make these calls as short and non-obtrusive as possible.
For questions regarding MPRO, please contact Dr. James Mitchiner, Medical Director, at 248-465-7313, or by email, at
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