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President’s Message
by Charles F. Koopmann, Jr. , MD
Moving Forward
Recently, the Michigan State Medical Society held its annual House of Delegates meeting. The Washtenaw County Medical Society’s delegation introduced resolutions dealing with gun violence, immunizations, and single payer insurance. Our medical students introduced the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Undergraduate Education Resolution, which resolved that the MSMS and AMA-MSS endorse creation of undergraduate courses promoting the development of marketable STEM skills, such as computer programming, administered identically to preexisting systems of awarding course credit for independent research, and which are amenable to the extracurricular pursuits of students who may not necessarily be pursuing a STEM track. Overall, it was a very successful meeting, with all of WCMS’s resolutions being approved or approved as amended. Results of each resolution are included in this issue.
When physicians think about organized medicine, they may think of this type of advocacy effort which ultimately involves physicians are getting together to provide better care for our patients. It was clear at the MSMS House of Delegates this was the driving factor for those testifying before the various commit- tees, passionate about the resolu- tions presented, whether pro or con.
To continue to provide the best care and to build on these efforts, WCMS is seeking more residents and physicians involvement in our Society, on our committees, and at our events. New people and new ideas, combined with individuals with experience and knowledge, help to insure that the WCMS is a leader in the advocacy for our
members and their patients. Cur- rently, we are focusing on our Legisla- tive Committee made up of a core group of very focused, dedicated members who have a strong interest in communicating WCMS positions to our elected officials. We are looking for new, interested individuals to participate in this process. Please consider this. The Legislative Com- mittee meets four times a year, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Society Office. The next meeting is Monday, June 23rd. Many of our local state representatives from Districts 52, 53, 54, and 55 attend these meetings, discussing current legislation in order to understand the concerns of physicians for each bill that may go forward in the legislative process.
As we move forward in 2014, we at WCMS look for inventive ways to retain, as well as increase member- ship with those doctors within the University of Michigan Health System, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, those in private practice, and House Officers in our associated institutions. With the assistance of the Michigan State Medical Society, Washtenaw County strives to improve the value of your membership.
Here are some of the things MSMS/WCMS have done during the last year:
 Worked with the AMA and other medical organizations on the planned 24% Medicare pay cut and delay the start of ICD-10 coding;
 Worked to vigorously preserve our hard-fought med-mal tort reforms and defeat the auto no-fault insurance repeal bill;
 Supported legislation that would give physicians the option of reporting impaired drivers to the Michigan Secretary of State;
 Worked with Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Michigan to expand transparency and ease enrollment in the SE Michigan Exclusive Provider Organization;
 Supported the role of PAs and Advance Nurse Practitioners as collaborative members of physician- led healthcare teams; and
 Provided seminars and symposia on Coding & Reimbursement, ICD-10, physician sustainability, maternal and child health, and the Affordable Care Act.
The WCMS continues to be a strong advocate for our profession
in legislative and regulatory issues. With this strong foundation of success, regardless of the challenges facing our health care delivery system, I am confident that with your membership, the WCMS will continue to provide a strong and powerful voice for Washtenaw’s physicians and our patients.
Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD Otolaryngology
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Volume 66 • Number 2
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