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Membership News
 Welcome New and Returning WCMS Members!
New WCMS Members
Kevin Taylor, MD – Internal Medicine David Grekin, MD – Dermatology
University of Michigan Residents
Juan Andino, MD – Urology Meredith Baumgartner, MD –
Family Practice
Benjamin Beduhn, MD –
Family Practice
Sameer Berry, MD – Gastroenterology Ruth Bickett-Hickok, MD –
Carissa Bunke, MD – Pediatrics Jason Chen, MD –
Sasha Collins, MD – Family Practice Chris Cottrell, MD –
Emergency Medicine
Jessica Doan, MD –
Emergency Medicine
Melanie Donahue, MD –
George Freigeh, MD – Pediatrics Michelle Glick, MD – Pediatrics John Greco, MD –
Emergency Medicine
Preeta Gupta, MD – Neurology Maysa Hamade, MD – Pediatrics Eva Ivey, MD – Anesthesiology Daniel Kashima, MD –
Madeline Kent, MD –
Internal Medicine
Feras Khogeer, MD – Sleep Medicine Johan Latorre, MD –
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Anna Laucis, MD –
Radiation Oncology
Daniel Lautenbach, MD –
Emergency Medicine
Vincent Ma, MD –
Ryan Meral, MD – Anesthesiology Zeinab Moussa, MD –
Transfusion Medicine
Rudra Pampati, MD –
Namrata Patel, MD –
Garrett Roe, MD – Family Practice Jennifer Saigal, MD – Neurology Cullen Salada, MD – Family Practice Katherine Salada, MD – Pediatrics Florian Schmitzberger, MD –
Emergency Medicine
Daniel Schneider, MD –
Sebastian Schoneich, MD –
Family Practice
Aaron Schuh, MD – Pediatrics Harkamal Singh, MD –
Sydney Spagna, MD – Neurology Lisa Stropp, MD – Neurology Alexander Tu, MD – Anesthesiology Eunji Yim, MD – Neurology
University of Michigan Medical Students
Serena Bidwell Serena Gill Arushi Mahajan
  Do You Have an Idea to Improve Medicine? Write a Resolution!
Resolutions are the vehicles used to debate and determine the policies, priorities, and direction of MSMS. WCMS considers language annually at the February Executive Council meeting in advance of the MSMS House of Delegates (HOD), usually held in late April or early May.
A well-crafted resolution is essential to present the most effective case for issues that are of the greatest importance and concern to organized medicine. The WCMS Executive Council reviews resolutions as a collective group to foster support and guidance prior to submission to MSMS. WCMS assumes responsibility for resolution submission to MSMS if approved by the Executive Council before the March 1 deadline.
To learn more about HOD and how to write a resolution, please access this webinar here: You can also access a resolution archive database at this link: About-MSMS/House-of-Delegates/Search- Resolutions.
  20 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN JANUARY / FEBRUARY / MARCH 2020

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