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I spent the first part of the evening over at Larry’s. Sue cooked up some good spaghetti and I prepared the salad. We then settle down to beer, clam dip and Walter Cronkite, who was in fine fettle. NBC with Huntley and Brinkley was consistently about 15-20 minutes ahead, but Walter has more personality.
[Later] Humphrey conceded at noon today.
(This was a) race between a loquacious clown, a demagogue, and a rejuvenated phony, and the last
of these won. (This is) revealing commentary on our leaders. The men with style have been rejected at the party level or gunned down by madmen.
Meanwhile, my ongoing duties as Vanderbilt Hall Chairman had their interesting moments.
I just got my 2nd phone call of the day from a dateless girl asking about social functions at the med school. That makes 7 (calls so far), representing between 15 -25 girls, mostly from B(oston). U(niversity).
Reforming the medical school curriculum was then as now a recurring theme. As should be evident by now, I had developed a dim view of the HMS curriculum and teaching methods. Hence, the following announcement interested me.
Saturday, November 9
The big news of the past week, although I don’t think it attracted much attention, was a memo from Alex Leaf (Chief of Medicine at MGH) to the first year class suggesting that the grades for the “core” curriculum
be pass-fail. It makes some very astute overdue comments about the teaching and learning of the first two years ~ that the student should be protected from “too zealous instructors,” and that the clinical clerkship is time enough to evaluate the student. In short, it is beautiful.
We finished up Neurology today. I presented HF, a
35 y/o plumber with seizures. Yesterday Dr. Wolf, our tutor, took us to Maître Jacques (a very fancy Boston restaurant) for lunch, which was damned nice of him ~ a good lunch too.
As Vanderbilt Hall Chairman, I took on the unofficial role of student representative and advocate in a variety of settings outside the usual student bounds.
I attended last Thursday morning the meeting of
the Wives of Aesculapius [a faculty women’s group]
to talk with them about providing funds to buy an amplifier-speaker system for the dorm. The meeting was amateurishly formal. I sat with Mrs. Ebert (the Dean’s wife), who took notes (?!) ~ of what I’m not sure. The main speaker was Ray Brown, the coordinator of the new Affiliated Hospitals Center, a gray, hawkish, wrinkled man with a slight drawl, who shows the wear
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