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addition to being on duty tomorrow night, I have Boylston Society and Medical Chorus. Tuesday evening I am going over to Larry’s to watch the election returns. Wednesday I’m going to a gratis insurance company dinner [a questionable decision].2 Thursday morning I’m going to try to get to the meeting of the Wives of Aesculapius. And somewhere along the line I’m to give a report on concussion, contusion, epi- and subdural bleeding from trauma to the head.
Thursday night Mike Rein dropped by to tell me I’d been elected to the Aesculapian Club.3 The first five members (who chose the next ten) were, in addition to Mike Rein, Mike Crichton, Gerry Frank, Art Boylston, and Walter Cannon, a selection rather out of the mainstream. [In my narrow view.]
Friday night I was on (call) but we had no admissions and I spent most of the time jawing with BW, the
JAR. We did see one pt. in the EW, a 71 y/o LOL with pneumonia, meningitis, septicemia, polyarthritis, dehydration, anemia, leukopenia and an evolving MI. She also had a friction rub and ?thrombophlebitis.
She was admitted to Medicine, wisely I think. Her only neurological sign was a positive Kernig.4
Steve Hall and I have been making some plans to visit (surgical training programs at) Medical College of Virginia and Vanderbilt in a couple of weeks, so I got off some letters to them. It’s probably a waste of money but it will satisfy all feelings of guilt at not having looked far and wide. Vanderbilt was the suggestion of Steve’s advisor, Dr. (Judah) Folkman. I have vacillated about Duke and the BCH, and I think I’m just going to pass them by.
Wednesday, November 6
Well, it looks as though Nixon is indeed the one. The TV networks awarded (or conceded) Illinois to him
at about 10:30 this morning, putting him over the 270 mark in electoral votes. Humphrey still has the edge in the popular vote by some tens of thousands, with both candidates at 43%. Wallace won 5 states (45 electoral votes) and got the other 14% of the vote.
Looking back at the 1968 presidential election, it is clear that some things related to peculiarities of our national election system have not changed in 50 years. The “red” states and “blue” states were pretty much the same then as now, if not so labeled at the time. The popular vote and the electoral college vote do not always align.
If Humphrey does have the plurality, it will be because of his very strong showing in the Northeast, where he got in the range of 55-62% of the popular vote. In no states did Nixon do that well. People are predicting the end of the Electoral College after this election, but with Nixon in, don’t count on it.
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