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have great appeal. [Eugene] McCarthy still refuses to endorse HHH, though it is said he will soon.
October 31.
Hallowe’en. LBJ is going on the tube tonight, hopefully to announce a bombing halt for Viet Nam. It has been in the wind all week. The pace of the war has been gradually slowing and Gen. (Creighton) Abrams flew to Washington for a secret conference last night or night before last.
The election campaign pace has really picked up. HHH was on the tube for an hour last night. I watched a pre-recorded announcement by Nixon and was amazed at how much animosity seeing him generated. I sent in my ballot for Hubie on Monday and most of the people I
know have done likewise. The polls have Nixon still substantially ahead, especially in electoral votes, but Hubert is closing fast.
One of the big issues has been the qualifications of the vice-presidential candidate. Every day in the Times is a full page ad with Agnew’s picture, saying “President Agnew?” and quoting some of his more unfortunate statements (“I’d rather have my foot in my mouth than my hand in somebody’s else’s pocket,” and “If you’ve
seen one slum, you’ve seen them all; ”What’s the matter with the fat Jap;” and mention in passing about “Greeks and Polaks”) Agnew has also been violently attacked in the editorial columns of the NY Times for conflicts of interest indulged in as Gov. of Maryland. [Which would later lead to his unrepentant resignation.]
[Later] [Johnson did so announce. Of course in his usual style he spent 21 minutes embellishing a 3-minute announcement.] Sen. Muskie, on the other hand, has been quite an asset for Humphrey. Wallace selected Gen. Curtis LeMay some weeks ago, and LeMay immediately advocated the use of nuclear weapons
in Viet Nam. They have been trying to extract LeMay’s foot from his mouth ever since.1
Russell Baker in his “Observer” columns this week
[in the NY Times] has been especially incisive and amusing, discussing how the average voter makes up his mind (he avoids thinking about it), and how each party is going all out to lose without letting on. After all, who would really want the job anyway?
Sunday, November 3.
I have that dull ache at the back of my neck and slight tightness in my throat that presages viral illness, unfortunately with a very big week coming up. In
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