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Executive Council Meeting Highlights
Washtenaw County Medical Society
NOVEMBER 2, 2017
The Executive Council of the Washtenaw County Medical Society met Thursday evening November 2, 2017 presided by Andrew Barnosky, President. Council members present: Drs. Joseph Nnodim, President-Elect, Rudi Ansbacher, Sandro Cinti, Evelyn Eccles, Cheryl Farmer, Martha Gray, Charles Koopman, William Meurer, James Mitchiner, Robert Sain, David Share, Evangeline Spindler, James Szocik, Barbara Threatt, Secretary, Brad Uren, Richard Burney, WCMS Editor, Sanjana Prasad, AMA Student, and Dolores Nixon, Executive Director.
CALL TO ORDER – President-Barnosky 6:30 p.m. INTRODUCTIONS – Welcome
APPROVAL OF AGENDA – A motion was made to approve the agenda by Dr. Share, seconded by Dr. Cinti. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA – The October minutes and new membership applications were emailed to the group. A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda by Dr. Share, seconded by Evangeline Spindler. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
Reports of the committees and task forces:
  2018 Nominations Committee – Drs. Barbara Threatt, Chair, the group met in October and presented the group with a slate of officer nominees for vote, and President appointments to the Executive Council. It was noted that Dr. Rion is to be added to the Slate.
  2018 Membership Advisory Committee – Drs. Evelyn Eccles, Chair: the committee continues to work on the value proposition, recruitment and retention and will meet tonight. They will have a report for January.
  2018 Legislative Advisory Committee –
Drs. James Mitchiner- Chair, committee members include: Drs. Rudi Ansbacher, Allan C Brown, Richard Burney, Cheryl Farmer, Larry Junck,
Charles Koopmann, Fred Patterson, Barbara Threatt, Brad Uren, and Jerry Walden. No committee meeting to date, TBD as needed in response
to legislation issues.
  2018 General Session / Program Task Force – Drs. Joseph Nnodim – Chair, Evangeline Spindler
Co-Chair, Andrew Barnosky, Jessie Marshall.
The program survey launched Tuesday, October 10th and will end Friday, November 3rd. The committee will review results at the next meeting on November 8th.
2018 Executive Council Election – Vote
A motion was made by Dr. Barnosky to approve the
officer nominations with the addition of Dr. Raymond Rion to the slate, seconded by Dr. Mitchiner. All in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Motion carried.
2018 HOD – delegate and alternate assignments It was recommended that the WCMS Legislative
Committee, EC, and the delegates and alternate delegates organize to have the ability to testify in the committees in which we put forth resolutions. In January it is requested that the group propose people to serve in these reference committees as we will need to report the request for assignments to MSMS.
MSMS REPORT (Dr. Mitchiner) – Highlights of the MSMS Board Meeting, October 18, 2017
MSMS Organizational Remodeling: The Board reviewed recommendations from the 2017 House of Delegates, including the need to increase engagement and connectivity, and to consider opening membership pathways for physicians within MSMS. The Board has begun putting details together and will continue the dialogue at the 2018 House of Delegates meeting.
BCBSM Update: Thomas L. Simmer, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan presented his annual October update, high- lighted by a recent staff reorganization, with expected directional changes that include a greater emphasis on prior authorization, and greater focus on PGIP and value-based reimbursement on cost outcomes. This initiative spans all provider types, including primary care, specialists, POs, Organized Systems of Care (OSCs), and hospitals. Financial rewards and penalties drive quality outcomes and deliver value to customers. Employers are looking for short-term savings currently being achieved by HMO products which limit utilization through programs like prior authorization. Expect to see more emphasis on individual physician performance, and less on performance of the physician organization.
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