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violence, and providing support to area “safety net” programs. On December 10, 2017, the Alliance sponsored an event for the Corner Health Center and attendees donated unwrapped gifts. As my appeal goes out to our colleagues who are not yet WCMS members to become engaged, so too it does to their spouses to become involved with the Alliance.
In conclusion, I once again thank WCMS for the opportunity to serve as President for 2018. I invite the membership to share my vision of the challenges ahead and see possibilities for growth and advancement as we work together to address them. Our committees have done an outstanding job refining our message to better articulate our value proposition. We will target our messages so that more of our colleagues are inclined to participate. All are welcome in WCMS, especially our early-career
colleagues. We will work to reach prospects individually by direct mailing and collectively through presentations at seminars. As our membership grows, so will our revenue base. Creative changes to the format of our quarterly general membership sessions are expected to stimulate and sustain the interest of members across generations. It is my hope that WCMS will continue to be the choice vehicle for activism
on behalf of our patients. To be effective, we must stay mindful of the need for balance in our own lives. This will undoubtedly involve us all remaining connected to one another and maintaining relationships with those outside of medicine whose activities further our professional goals and aspirations. It promises to be an exciting year. Let’s get to work!
Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN

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