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Committee on Legislation and Advocacy, which had events on professional advocacy and advocacy in the first one hundred days post-election. The committee is working towards disseminating nationwide resources to medical students on resolution-writing and advocacy.
These medical student activities will continue in 2017 and a new student representative, Anicia Mirchandani, was welcomed at the WCMS Executive Council meeting in January. Apoorv Dhir is the new UMMS-AMA president for 2017. We are justly proud of our students’ past accomplishments, and look forward to new UMMS-AMA engagement this coming year.
As WCMS President, I hope to assist and guide
our students in taking advantage of every available opportunity. I believe our mutual involvement will not only add to the development of their professionalism and sense of community, but also give WCMS valuable insight into the values and visions that these medical students have for their futures.
2017 promises to be an interesting and exciting New Year. I look forward to working with all of you as we embrace its challenges and opportunities together.
Volume 69 • Number 1 Washtenaw County Medical Society BULLETIN 5

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