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President’s Message
By Andrew R. Barnosky, DO, MPH
A Focus on Students
It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as President of the Washtenaw County Medical Society (WCMS) for 2017. I truly appreciate the opportunity to further the admirable work of colleagues that preceded me, whose efforts have strengthened this organization over its many years of service. Founded in 1827 to support physicians, the WCMS mission continues to provide professional support for our fellow physicians and also to advocate for excellence in patient care and public health, as stated in our newly revised Constitution and Bylaws. Throughout its history WCMS has welcomed practicing physicians, and more recently house officers and medical students of Washtenaw County, into its ranks, and has strived to leverage the strength of organized medicine to keep as its raison d’etre the health of the patients we serve.
As an emergency physician and member of the teaching faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School, I devote a considerable amount of
my life to undergraduate medical education. This focus of my work daily reminds me that these students are our future - the future of our profession and the future of patient care. One of my goals as President is the strengthening of our relationship with the University of Michigan Medical Student - American Medical Association (UMMS-AMA) chapter.
While WCMS has always supported medical student endeavors, this past year was extraordinary as UMMS- AMA created programs not only
to recruit more medical students
to become members of the AMA, Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and WCMS, but also to create opportunities for educational
enrichment in collaboration
with some of the best practicing physicians in Washtenaw County. UMMS-AMA initiatives in 2016,
such as its revised recruitment strategies and initiation of a popular Physicians in Policy speaker series, are outgrowths of a key point found in our strategic plan to increase medical student engagement and outreach. The Physicians in Policy Speaker Series showcased WCMS members Drs. Cheryl Farmer, John Hopper, Susan Goold, and Jack Billi, all of whom are experts in policy development and implementation.
Another important activity was ensuring that students had the opportunity to speak with legislators and their aides at the AMA Medical Student and Region Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Among the issues they focused on at these Capitol Hill meetings were public service loan forgiveness programs and graduate medical education funding. The students expressed support for the public service loan forgiveness program
as it currently stands, which allows medical graduates to have their debt forgiven after serving ten years in a non-profit setting, without a cap on the amount of the loans that could be forgiven. They also echoed the AMA’s opinion that graduate medical education funding should be maintained, not decreased.
The UMMS-AMA officers also attended the AMA Annual Conference in Chicago, where they had the opportunity to participate in policy- making in the student section of the AMA as well as testify at reference committees to House of Delegates.
Other notable events in which students participated included:
  An AMA introduction event with over 100 M1s and M2s attending. Previous introduction events were spent competing with over 40 other associations vying for the M1’s attention in a one-hour period. This event was by far more successful in reaching and engaging the students about the AMA, MSMS, and WCMS.
  A resolution writing workshop, a first for both UMMS-AMA and WCMS.
  A joint AMA/Student Biomedical Research Program event with JAMA editor, Dr. Preeti Malani.
  Working with MSMS to distribute absentee ballots to fellow students who lived away from their home districts.
  Involvement in the WCMS strategic planning process and legislative update meetings.
In November, the UMMS-AMA submitted three resolutions for consideration to the AMA Interim 2016 Conference. All gained Region 5 consensus, and one resolution had the highest rating nationwide.
The UMMS-AMA President for 2016, Nonie Arora, is now a member of the national medical student
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