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Finally, the new Constitution, for very practical reasons, allows changes to be made by “a two-thirds affirmative vote of members...present at any General Session meeting, provided that any amendments shall have been presented in writing and read at the previous General Session meeting and published in the WCMS Bulletin.” [Another good reason to read your Bulletin carefully.]
Bylaw Changes
In Chapter 4, an effort to update the Bylaws to reflect the frequently renamed state governmental agency
that grants licenses, the Bylaws now state “Active members... must hold an unrevoked license ...
in Michigan by the authority of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.” The chapter also updates the name of the state
agency overseeing licensing, the Bureau of Health Professionals.
The new Bylaws extend to residents (“physicians-in- training”) expanded opportunities to participate in Society affairs and serve on committees. Chapter 4, Section 3, entitled Physicians-in-Training, now allows “one resident and one young physician (to) be appointed ... to the Executive Council” as voting members. At the same time, it calls for admission to membership of physicians-in-training holding “permanent or educational limited licenses,” with dues to be determined by WCMS, presumably quite low as an incentive to join. Since most physicians-in-training hold
Educational Limited Licenses, I hope this is not intended to exclude them from membership.
The new Bylaws encourage participation by medical students. The Bylaws now say “one student will be the Executive Council” as a
voting member.
The revised Bylaws recognize that there are a large number of retired yet active physicians in the community and encourages their continued participation by estab- lishing two new categories of membership: Active Emeritus and Emeritus. Active Emeritus member status, which includes physicians like me that are “retired” but quite active, will continue to pay dues
and can participate in all ways except holding office. Emeritus members not in active practice will continue to be counted as “members” for census purposes, but will not pay dues, will not have voting privileges, and will not be able to serve as Delegates.
Along the same lines, Life Membership, once accorded to physicians after 50 years of service, is now a thing of the past. “There will be no new Life Members added per passage of the May 2015 House of Delegates resolution.”
There are a variety of additional cosmetic and practical changes in the Bylaws that bring them into alignment with current practices and administrative realities. If you are interested in more “deep” reading of the Constitution and Bylaws, feel free to contact Belinda Chandler, our executive director.
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