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were to get her immediately to Cook County Hospital for a Caesarean section, because she was known to be at high risk for uterine rupture. My examination confirmed that she was indeed in true labor. Her uterine walls were so thin that I could literally count the digits on one of the fetus’ extremities. When we informed her that we needed to take her immediately to Cook County she proceeded to lock herself in the bathroom and refused to unlock the door. I was forced to break into the bathroom and forcibly take her to the hospital. While she was being prepped for the C-Section, she did in fact rupture her uterus, but the surgeons were able to perform an emergency C-section and hysterectomy, preserving
the lives of both mother and child. This was my closest call to having a true tragedy during this rotation.
There were many other interesting experiences, but these were the most memorable. When I saw my new bride (of 2 weeks) on the one day I was at home and told her that I was having a wonderful experience and wanted to extend my rotation for another 2 weeks,
I learned an important lesson about work-life balance, but that is another story. I did not extend my rotation.
Editor’s Post-Script
The Chicago Maternity Center was founded in 1895 to provide free obstetrical care for indigent women. After providing safe maternity care to these women in west Chicago for almost 80 years, it was forced to close in 1974 for lack of funding. Its history is commemorated in a documentary, The Chicago Maternity Center Story, released in 1976. My father-in-law was one of the physicians who worked with the center under the direction of Drs. Harry Benaron and Beatrice Tucker,
in the later 1940’s and early 1950’s. My wife’s mother, on hearing the story above, corroborated its details. The Center’s record of safe care is described in a paper published in the Am J Public Health in 1937. http://ajph.
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