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was celebrated. We returned to One of the men wrote a phone were out on deliveries. I added
the CMC feeling relieved and elated, and no longer hungry.
Second Assignment: Special Escort
For our next assignment, we were sent to evaluate a woman who was pregnant for the first time. Ernie again was needed to take us due to the presence of gangs in the location in the northwest section of town.
The patient lived in an apart- ment over a bar in a very tough area. Ernie told us in no uncertain terms that we were not to leave until he could return to escort us.
When I examined the patient,
I found that she was in ‘false’
labor. We needed to return to
the CMC. The apartment had no
telephone so I went down to the bar to find a phone there that I could use. (Cell phones were at the time not even close to being a reality.) I contacted the CMC and asked for Ernie to return for us. All the other students
Breaking and Entering: A Really Close Call
On another occasion, I was sent to a hotel on South State Street to evaluate a woman who was to deliver her sixth child. I was told that if she were in true labor we
number down on a piece of paper, and told me that if we had trouble we should call that number first (i.e., not the police), and sent us on our way.
If an unforeseen crisis had arisen, the phone number would have alerted the Black Stone Rangers to come to our aid. I could be fairly certain that they would be more readily available to us and much more feared than the police.
that Ernie had told us not to try to leave until he could pick us up. I was told, however, that Ernie had just taken a team to an area so dangerous that he had to stay there until the delivery was completed. Either we had to find a way to get back on our own, or they would see if the police could give us a ride back. After a short time, the police arrived. We were told to get into the back of the police ‘paddy wagon’ where prisoners were normally placed. Luckily, there were no miscreants in the paddy wagon at the time, so we had the privilege of riding back to the CMC in a special police escort. I have to say, this was a simply fantastic experience!!
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