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President’s Message
by Larry Junck, MD
It is My Pleasure to Serve
It is my pleasure to serve as your new President.
Another article in this issue focuses on the Big Picture for WCMS. The present article will serve to highlight events and people of WCMS and MSMS.
Key events:
  Our next General Session is
scheduled for Wednesday, March 4,
featuring Steven Stack, MD, AMA
President-Elect. We anticipate
plenty of opportunity for your
questions about the positions and
activities of the AMA. Our annual
election of officers and MSMS
Delegates will take place at that
meeting. Bradley Uren, MD, is the
candidate for President-Elect. We
welcome suggestions for topics and speakers at future General Sessions.
  The MSMS House of Delegates meets May 2-3. Resolutions can accomplish many good things, including calling into action the lobbying power of MSMS. Last year, four resolutions were introduced from Washtenaw County. These included a resolution by Cheryl Farmer, MD, supporting educational presentations on gun violence, passed by the House and sent to the AMA where it also passed; a resolution by Alice Penrose, MD, MPH, promoting restrictions on waivers for childhood vaccinations; a resolution by Andrew Zureick, Vadim Rosin, and Maksim Shlykov, UM medical students, passed in the MSMS and AMA, promoting education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); and one by yours truly, asking for investigation by the MSMS Board of Directors of single payer health care financing. Four out of four passed. I encourage MSMS members to consider writing a resolution, which would require asking a Delegate to introduce it. The deadline is March 2, so you would have to work on it soon.
  The MSMS Scientific Meeting will be in October. I urge members not only to attend, but also to put together a course. Our own Christopher Kim, MD, was Planning Committee Chair in 2014, and he was joined by four of our members on the Committee.
  The Bioethics Course is tentatively scheduled for November 13-14, here in Ann Arbor. For years, our own Lauren Smith, MD, and Evangeline Spindler, MD, have been two of the three planners.
Our people:
Everyone is a volunteer, with the exception of our Executive Director. The panel on the Contents page of this issue lists many of the people who serve, including the officers, members of the Executive Council, and the Delegates and Alternate Delegates
to the MSMS. Also, several members who fulfill important responsibilities are highlighted in the “Big Picture” article in this issue.
Others who contribute:
  Our three District Directors, who serve on the MSMS Board of Directors, are David Share, MD (now Chair), James Mitchiner, MD, and Sandro Cinti, MD (new since 2014). Jack Billi, MD, is thanked for his many years of service on the Board. Jack, however has not retired from the Board – he is now serving as its Secretary.
  Martha Gray, MD, leads the Finance Committee, with other officers as members.
  Will Meurer, MD, has done an outstanding job managing our website. Check it out (https:// and flag it among your favorites. He also spearheads our interaction with Keystone Media.
  Vadim Rosen, our AMA student representative, attends Executive Council meetings, and brings infectious enthusiasm to everything he touches.
  Rudi Ansbacher, MD, deserves our high praise and deep gratitude for editing the Bulletin for the past 9 years and authoring many fine articles.
  Belinda Chandler stepped into the position of Executive Director just over a year ago and has been doing an excellent job. If you interact with her, take an opportunity to thank her for her good work.
The most important people, however, are you, the
members. Please attend our General Sessions and Legislative Meetings. Bring us your ideas. Volunteer to serve.
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