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President’s Message
by Dr. Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD
A Year of Change
As incoming President of the Washtenaw County Medical Society, I would like to thank you for putting your trust in me, and for giving me the privilege of leading our Society through the next year.
I personally want to thank Ed Washabaugh, our Past President, and the entire Executive Council,
for doing a great job this past year and look forward to collaborating with them and their high caliber
of work and commitment. I also welcome any suggestions and recommendations from the WCMS membership to help strengthen
our membership and promote
our mission.
This year will be a year of change for WCMS. We have experienced a smooth transition and continuity with the change in our Executive Director, and now look forward to expanding our fulfillment of the WCMS mission to support local physicians in their professional commitment to the health and well-being of the community of Washtenaw County. We plan to update our website structure and improve our communication with members and broaden our community awareness and involvement, including working with other Washtenaw County businesses and non-profits. Part of this community involvement will be holding an “All Candidates Forum” on Tuesday, September 16.
The event will be held at the Ann Arbor City Club at 1830 Washtenaw Avenue. All candidates running for re-election in our district for Congress, the State Senate and the
State House, as well as those running for Governor, will be invited to attend.
WCMS is also working to grow membership within our county to make this society as strong as those of Oakland and Wayne. While the work will be an uphill battle, it is worth the effort to maintain and increase our existing membership of over 1,200 members.
We will offer interesting and up-to-date topics for our General Session, starting with our first on March 12 at the Ann Arbor City Club, focusing on neurosports and head traumas. Jeffrey Kutcher, MD, direc- tor of Michigan Neurosports, will discuss the connection between concussions and cognitive decline. Not only will WCMS members be invited to the session, but also community members and educators who may be involved with this issue at their own level.
To the over 150 medical residents joining WCMS this year, I encourage you to take advantage of the infor- mation available to you at the Michigan State Medical Society, including legislative issues that may affect the world you will practice in; resources on starting or joining a practice; and links to the AMA on leadership, publishing opportunities and public health projects. I urge all WCMS residents to ask questions and to become involved in WCMS/ MSMS, and be part of what makes
a difference in today’s medical community.
I know many of you at WCMS feel strongly connected to the community we serve, and with the
addition of these residents from both St. Joseph Mercy Health System and the University of Michigan, we appreciate our residents reaching out beyond the walls of the hospital, and being involved in a multitude
of community projects. Whether volunteering at the HOPE Clinic to provide care for adults and pediatric patients without insurance, or providing care to migrant farm workers, our residents are some
of the best in the country.
If you have interest in getting more involved in membership activities or have feedback, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to a successful year for WCMS, where members can connect, develop and lead.
Charles F. Koopmann, Jr., MD Otolaryngology
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Volume 66 • Number 1
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