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We Bought Lucky’s Market!
...and we named it Oryana West
For the  rst time in Oryana’s 47 year history, we now have two stores! As of April 10, we became the proud owner of Lucky’s Market in the
Bu alo Ridge shopping center just o  N U.S. 31 S. This accomplishment has been in our vision for many years but the actual purchase of Lucky’s made it feel rather sudden, and happening in the midst of Covid-19 activity, even more poignant and surreal. The actual timeline of the purchase, however, began early in the year when our GM, Steve Nance, foresaw an impending opportunity when Lucky’s declared bankruptcy in January.
Oryana was part of a group of independent grocers that bid on seven Lucky’s Market stores that remained open a er Lucky’s  led for bankruptcy, closing 32
other stores. Our $860,000 bid for the Traverse City store, which included all the inventory, equipment, and licensing, plus assumption of the building lease – was accepted in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. We were also fortunate to retain Lucky’s terri c sta .
Lucky’s closed for business on a Thursday and opened under our co-op ownership the next day without losing a single hour of sales! Overnight we went from 12,000 sq feet of retail space to an additional 28,000 sq feet. That’s when we went into overdrive.
It has been a pell mell e ort since then to change all the signage and store branding, train the new sta , switch to a new point-of-sale system, coordinate e orts at both stores, and acclimate Lucky’s shoppers to the change to co-op ownership.
As Steve likes to describe it, we are building
an airplane while it’s in the air! We will be investing
an additional $380,000 in facilities updates and rebranding in the near future and hopefully growing our ownership as well. We are thrilled to be able to o er our community more local and high quality products and to be a model workplace for even more people.
While both stores will carry many of the same products including most of the same Co+op Deals and Basics products, the shopping experience will be unique at each store. We are a big, diverse group of shoppers and owners at Oryana, and the stores will re ect our many di erent needs. For example, many shoppers were concerned that bacon and the ‘sip and stroll’ program would disappear but we are de nitely keeping those favorites. West will have a more traditional grocery store vibe with a large selection, whereas 10th St. will maintain a European market-style approach. But both stores will feature a large variety of locally-produced goods. If you haven’t visited Oryana West yet, check it out!

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