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Thank You!
“A standing ovation to all of you every day”
Notes of gratitude to our sta  from the community
In March and April, our co-op was very busy and our sta  worked hard to adapt to the changing realities of a global pandemic. Our wonderful sta  is part of the reason many of you shop at the co-op, and these were just some of the messages of gratitude we pulled from Facebook and that you sent directly to us.
I just can’t put into words how much pride and gratefulness I have in my heart for what Oryana is accom- plishing in these di cult days. All
of the sta  at Oryana, plus all other essential workers in healthcare, grocery, prepared foods, restaurant take-out and drive-through, auto repair, trucking, gas stations, media and journalism, farmers and MANY more. A standing ovation to all of you every day.
Thank you, Oryana Sta ! When at the store the other day all sta  were taking the precautions very seriously and I was greeted with kindness and well wishes for health. I was very thankful for them in continuing to serve the community in the best pos- sible way. Thanks to those working in the food indus- try during this time, and ALWAYS- and risking their health during this time too. They rock. THANK YOU.
Every communication I’ve received from you during this health crisis has made me feel so proud and grateful to be a member of such an awesome cooperative. Thank you for continuing to do great work.
I would love to thank all of the sta  at Oryana for working so hard and tirelessly during this process. Although I normally feel like Oryana is one of the cleanest and safest places to shop in TC, I am astound- ed how fast the sta  adapted their store to make it a safe place to shop during this time. Thank you for all that you do and know that you are seen and appreciated.
The sta  of Oryana have been so incredibly gracious, and cheerful during this insane, busy, and stressful stocking up frenzy. I have got nothing less than a big smile and a heartfelt “how are you” from every sta  member, all while they are working overtime and under extremely busy conditions. Thank you so much!
Thank you Sta , and thank you Steve for your stellar leadership. My daughter picked up both our orders today, and you guys are dynamite!! We are all missing our co-op experience, because we all know that its value is much, much more than food and shopping. We are a community! So much gratitude to all of you.
I am always so impressed by Oryana’s incredible sta  but am especially thankful for their smiling faces and good humor now. I appreciate the store and all of the sta  so very much! Thank you for all that you continue to do to keep us healthy and informed.
Much love to Oryana Community Co-op! I am so proud of what my co-op is doing for our community during this trying time. Thank you to all your sta  for your resiliency!
Thank you for helping people get their groceries. I hope they’re
all wearing masks. I’m thankfull [sic] you’re still open because my family shops here a lot. I miss our sampels [sic] and the hot bar. I hope you can have them soon. My sister and I miss you because we are not allowed to come to the store. Only my dad goes grocery shopping.
I just got home from Oryana & had a wonderful shopping expe- rience. Felt nice and calm and was able to get what I needed. The sta  & management are very hard working and dedicated to our community!

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