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Board Report
By Jim Dagwell, Oryana Board President
Everything in our universe has a dark and bright side. As I write this, morning walks with our Westies at dawn are  lled with the fresh growth of spring, lilacs are abundant to dazzle the eye,  lling the air with the distinctive perfume these short- lived  owers share. I sincerely hope you make it a daily priority to get outside, to enjoy nature’s splendor, and refresh mind and spirit.
Regarding Mother Nature’s dark side, the global pandemic places our Northern Michigan world well back on its heels, threating commerce, jobs, and lives.
Sta  at both Oryana locations are truly heroes, every day, sourcing, stocking, and providing us the healthiest food choices available. Your board has worked hard with General Manager Steve Nance to bring you a second location, to create another community gathering place. Both Oryana locations are some of the safest places anyone could visit.
Cooperators, by nature, are survivors.
Did you know that your cooperative created a safety protocol for Covid-19
that has been shared and implemented in numerous small businesses in Northern Michigan, and used as a template at food cooperatives across our nation? This is just one example of the thoughtful care and hard work that is accomplished at Oryana to help others near and far.
Have you visited Oryana West? Building on core values, this second location will be intentionally di erent.
I encourage you to visit both locations frequently. As you visit, please join your board members in thanking each sta  member you encounter for their bravery in serving us, in a warm, friendly, caring, professional manner.
Eventually, we will live in the “new normal” in which board meetings and General Ownership Meetings will once again be conducted in person.
Cooperators, by nature, are survivors. Take care of each other, be well and happy, and I look forward to seeing you at Oryana 10th Street and Oryana West.

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