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Common Good Bakery
Oryana is happy to be partnering with our newest local bread vendor, Common Good Bakery. Common
Good make several varieties of bread exclusively for sale at Oryana, so you can still visit the bakery on 14th Street for delicious loaves and pastries.
The Bakery’s purpose has a lot in common with Oryana’s mission, to be er the lives of everyone they encounter including neighbors, customers, team, purveyors, and partners.
Bakery owner Jason Gollan is very civic minded in his approach to business. “Yes, we make killer bread and pastries, but we also aspire to be a leading positive in uence within the communities we serve.”
Jason sources many of their
ingredients from the co-op, including organic  our and grains. The gas- red, brick-lined oven from Italy was custom built in 2017 and took a week for Jason and his team to install. The oven is very e cient, holding its heat well, and stays on continuously. The entire operation is very productive, with several key pieces of equipment to streamline things,
such as a dough divider for buns and a conveyer system to load and unload the oven.
Jason’s team members move
with e ciency as well. “We cross train everyone and most things we make, we all have a hand in it. We work together on everything.” The bakery exudes a warmth and friendliness that is evident while the sta  is working. Even interlopers from Oryana who are interrupting the work  ow to take photos are welcome in the production area.
“We didn’t think we were going
to be doing wholesale baking,” Jason remarked as he was making hamburger buns for another Traverse City business. “But then businesses like Oryana called us, and here we are!”
One of the most rewarding things for Jason is seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they bite into one of his products, like one of their croissants. “That happy look is very satisfying,” he says.
As for challenges, Jason says “the biggest challenge is succeeding in the service side of our business; we are dedicated to taking care of people, ‘we do good every day’ is our mo o. It is hard to accomplish day to day, both internally with each other and with customers, but we try really hard.”
If you haven’t been yet, visit Common Good Bakery on 14th St. next to BoTangles Salon in Traverse City.

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