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Krull’s Composting
“We’re full of it!”
This is one of Krull’s Composting’s favorite taglines, and when you dig deeper (pun intended) into their passion for healthy soil, you understand why. Barry Krull’s family has deep roots in Leelanau County; they’ve lived there for over 100 years. About 10 years ago Barry decided to pursue his lifelong interest in soil science and started making his own compost. He tested it on his farm before turning it into a business and selling it to the public in 2018.
Barry is deeply passionate about soil health, especially in recognition of how conventional agriculture has broken the cycle of renewing and replenishing the soil and driven small family farms out of business. His goal is to help everyone including farmers and gardeners, viticulturists, orchardists, and landscapers grow the healthiest plants possible by incorporating his “black gold” into their soil.
To make his compost, he uses organic plant ma er,
some of which he grows himself on his farm, manure, food scraps collected from Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties, inoculant, and water. A successful compost recipe includes a mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a temperature of around 150-160 degrees to kill soil pathogens, and the correct amount of moisture. Compost needs to be turned regularly, and Barry uses large machinery to mix, li , and move the huge volumes
of materials. If all goes well, beautiful,  nished compost will result in 10-12 weeks. Once it is mixed in with garden soil, seeds and plants can go in immediately; the plants will not get burned as they might from un nished compost.
The compost for sale at Oryana is Krull’s Humi ed, which means it’s made with multiple carbon and manure sources and billions of microorganisms to process and stabilize all
of the di erent nutrients. Humus can hold twice its weight
in water. According to the Krulls, humus is the soil glue that holds everything else in the soil and continues to build it for up to 60 years. They make another compost mix, what they call Millenium Compost, which is is 90% Humi ed Compost and 10% Biochar. Compost tea is one more product they make, a nutritious liquid you can spray directly on your plants.
Krull’s Compost is available in handy returnable and recyclable grab-and-go bags. You can  nd bags of humi ed compost at the south entrance at Oryana 10th St. For their community partner discount, Krull’s o ers Oryana owners 10% o  40 lb bags of compost. The farm sells larger amounts and compost teas as well.
For more detailed information about Krull’s compost operation and to purchase larger quantities, visit their website:

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