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New Products
Chuck Mueller
Oryana 10th St. Grilled Tempeh Reuben Sandwich My wife and I share this delicious sandwich for lunch.
Kaitlyn Burns
Tucson Tamales Blue Corn Veggie Tamales These tamales make great quick lunches or camp meals! Topo Chico Mineral Water This mineral water is delicious mixed with cold brew co ee or smashed fruit!
Jim Dagwell
Fresh Sushi, Pizza Slices, and Northpeak Diabolical IPA from Oryana West Easy, fast, & a ordable one-stop shop for the evening with no food prep time needed!
Colleen Valko
10th St. Cafe Peanut Sauce
This sauce is one of my go-to items. I like to keep a container in my fridge at all times as it’s a simple solution for a fast meal. It’s great as a dip, marinade, and sauce that packs a lot of  avor in each bite!
Kathy Baylis Monteith
Oryana West Rotisserie Chicken with Citrus Seasoning This chicken is a delicious dinner shortcut. Back to Nature Stoneground Wheat Crackers This is my favorite all around cracker that goes great with everything from Oryana’s house made hummus to simple cheese and crackers.
Kate’s Real Food Organic Energy Bars
Made with organic fruits, nut bu ers, and grains, these bars are the perfect snack or replacement meal. Compact and nutrient- dense, they will keep you fueled all day long. Comes in a variety of  avors including Peanut Bu er Milk Chocolate and Lemon Coconut Ginger. (10th St.)
Be er Than Bouillion Lobster Base Made with real lobster, this broth is rich and robust in  avor. It easily spoons out of the jar so you can use as much or as li le as you need. Perfect for soups, chowder, sauces, dressings. (10th St.)
Bravado Spice Co. Hot Sauce
These hot sauces are  avorful and bold. Made with vegan, gluten- free, and all natural ingredients, they combine heat and  avor
in new and exciting ways. In Pineapple Habanero, Ghost Pepper Blueberry, and Crimson Hot Sauce  avors. (West)
Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt
This salt is traditionally harvested in salt ponds that take seven years to produce sea salt. A superior, distinctive taste makes this salt perfect for complementing your cooking. (10th St.)
Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate
We now have local Grocer’s Daughter chocolate at Oryana West! Grocer’s Daughter in Empire sources their chocolate from Ecuador where they oversee the entire value chain of the chocolate from farmer to you. They use fruits, edible  owers, and herbs from their garden and obtain larger quantities of ingredients from local farms. (West)

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