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General Manager’s Report
By Steve Nance
Keeping Up With Covid
Thanks to all our owners and guests for your patience and support of your cooperative as we navigate these interesting times. As COVID has changed the way we do business, we also have been working on the other thing that has changed the way we serve our community, a second location!
The last few months have required the Oryana team to react to being grocers in the midst of a pandemic and to set up the systems that a second store entails. We are busy as both stores have seen demand for our good, local, healthy food as our community embraces our mission, the relationship of good food and health, which is so important right now.
Oryana has been at the forefront of the current situation to assure that everyone, the Oryana team and customers, are as safe as possible; our initiatives are what we call the Safe Store plans. We continually monitor the latest information and are quick to react and establish new protocols and communications. We recently passed inspection by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Department. We will continue to take your health seriously while striving to provide the best
experience and products possible.
The co-op is also developing a program to continue our education on how we can be more e ective in our work
around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are working on this at the sta  level, as an organization, and to support our board.
What’s Happening at Oryana West?
Have you shopped “out west”? As most folks know, Oryana was successful in acquiring the local Lucky’s Market in bankruptcy auction and kept the store operating. We were happy to be able to o er positions to all sta  that were interested (most all!) So, how’s it going so far? The new Oryana West has been like building an airplane in the air! We are happy to report that sales have been increasing every week and that we see many co-op shoppers, new shoppers, and former Lucky’s customers all enjoying the 26,000 square feet of clean, well-lit store. For many, it’s a treasure hunt in discovering a wide range of products, as the store size provides much more space than 10th Street.
As promised, Oryana has kept most of the well-loved programs as we consider those areas that we feel can be improved on. To give you a bit of a preview, some enhancements in the works:
• Bulk will get some new  xtures and we will bring in more certi ed organic items to replace conventional products at or very close to current prices
• Produce has already brought in more certi ed organic and local and will continue to do so. We will also rearrange produce to allow easier shopping, with organic and local ge ing more space and new signage
• We have already started bringing in higher quality and more local meats
• Cheese has experienced some positive changes as we use some of our trusted suppliers and will bring in more
local as well
• The bread selection has more local products
• Local beer and wine come in daily with some new relationships in the works!
• Grocery and the Wellness departments have also been bringing in new products including local
• SNAP bene ts and Double Up Food Bucks are now available to provide for more food access to our diverse
So, lots of Oryana tweaks and more to come including a new Customer Service Desk, sta  trainings, and signage to provide what we call the Amazing Oryana Experience. Remember that West has the  rst hour of each day reserved for seniors with a 5% discount, in addition to the Wednesday senior 5% discount, along with all the other Oryana owner bene ts. We are so fortunate to have two di erent style stores that can support a larger contingent of cooperators! Thanks again for your ownership and patronage. A strong local cooperative allows Oryana to be a more e ective economic engine for good in our community!

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