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Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally
We recently paid a visit to one of our vendors, The Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally in Traverse City. Owner Kathy Hyland acquired the Dog Bakery in
2017 when founders Chris and Karry Borolo, who started the operation in 2006, approached her to take over the business. “I was actually in Florida at the time on vacation when I received a call from Chris asking if I had interest. I was de nitely interested!” said Kathy. She was already selling high quality, healthy products for pets at Pets Naturally so it was a perfect  t for her.
Kathy has maintained many of the original recipes and treats but also created lots of her own recipes. She introduced grain-free treats, Pup Cups (dog cupcakes), whole decorated cakes, and even Carrot Crunchers, a treat for horses. Kathy and her talented team of decorators design seasonally themed treats including a line of wedding treats.
Kathy uses simple, natural ingredients in her treats, including local honey and Great Lakes white sh, and everything is handmade in small batches. All the decorating is done by hand, and all the packaging as well. She o ers
over 20  avors of bulk treats including Oatmeal So bites, a sta  favorite. “The sta  eat them when they’re fresh out of the oven!” Along with the bulk biscuits, they have dozens of decorated treats, cakes, cupcakes, birthday treats, and shakable meal toppers.
We wanted to know what the most popular product is. According to Kathy, the treats change every season so it’s hard to say what the favorites are but if she had to guess, it would be the Cherry Chews, which we sell at Oryana, along with the Droolin’ Drizzlers and all of the bulk  avors; consumers order them by the pound and they have an online store that generally o ers promotions of one
type or another. (Oryana also sells Dog Bakery Thin Mints and White sh biscuits.)
Currently the Dog Bakery employs
7 sta ; during the holidays and busier times they have as many as 10 bakery sta . They ship to the entire US and have over 300 wholesale accounts. It gets busy starting in October for the holidays, and wholesale orders start coming in mid October. It’s also very busy during the summer months as a large portion of their wholesale customers are in boutiques and gi  shops.
She is proud of her sta  who were deemed ‘essential’ and who worked through the stay-at-home mandate this past spring. Pets Naturally also has the distinction of being awarded one of the Top 50 Businesses to Watch for - Michigan Celebrates Small Business 2020.
Visit for more info.

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