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  OCMS Presents Virtual Painting with a Twist Tuesday, October 27th • 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Once you register for the event, you will receive information on how to pick up the items you will need to complete your painting plus the link to the virtual event.
All OCMS members welcome.
Email Cindy Dady, with questions or to register.
Sharon Geimer, MD, OCMS President The past year has been punctuated with many
unexpected events. My initial goals for this presi- dency included advocacy, maintained organization, and support for collaboration between local physicians across specialties in private and em- ployed roles. I had hoped to promote relationships and individual wellness with personal visits and planned events. Surprise happened.
In these unprecedented pandemic times, the new normal continues being defined. I appreciate the opportunity to lead forward. Thank you for providing a listening ear, a meaningful audience and an engaged participation for our meetings, virtual events, and planning sessions. My goal to focus on wellness for physicians was initially satisfying; then more frustrating. It has become imperative to facilitate more than just wellness. To serve our colleagues and provide the best possible care for patients will require innovation, resilience and perseverance despite the new challenges and potential for isolation and loss of previous
achievements. Organized medicine with continued focus on collaboration and local issues has the potential for impact and meaningful change.
To succeed we need to keep going, stay the course, enjoy the journey! As this amazing adventure contin- ues, may we find the opportunities and paths to the best possible future for Medicine and our community. It is time for me to leave the President’s Corner and prepare for our very capable and accomplished new president, Doctor Paul Bozyk. I know that Doctor Bozyk will be an excellent leader and provide addi- tional advocacy as he is very experienced in orga- nized medicine in addition to being an excellent pulmonary intensivist, educator, and administrative leader. I will continue to serve the OCMS Board and its members as immediate past president and be- yond. I hope to continue to support local advocacy and promote collaboration while celebrating individu- al and team spirit.
Respectfully, Sharon

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