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 Sign the petition to tell Michigan health officials that you support protecting kids by removing flavored e-cigarettes from the market!
Youth vaping continues to be a dangerous public health crisis in Michigan, with flavored e-cigarettes targeting our young people. To protect our kids, Governor Whitmer is working to create a permanent public health rule that would end the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in the state. This process includes a public comment period and Michigan health officials want to hear from you!
Show your support by clicking on the link below and signing the form. We will share your comments with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
Dear Michigan Health Officials:
Vaping has become a public health crisis in Michigan and across the country. Even worse, flavored e-cigarettes are targeting our young people and getting them hooked on tobacco. We need to protect our kids by permanently getting flavored e-cigarettes off the shelves in our state because:
• The United States Surgeon General has warned against the skyrocketing rates of vaping and called “e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the United States.”
• The 2019 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that 50 percent of Michigan high school students have tried vaping products and 20 percent of Michigan students are active users of the products.
• Research shows that flavors play a key role in youth use of tobacco products. 70% of youth e-cigarette users say they use e-cigarettes because they “come in flavors I like,” according to the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health survey.
• A new generation of kids is becoming addicted to e-cigarettes every day, threatening decades of progress in reducing youth tobacco use.
• New federal policies enacted on Jan. 2, 2020 do not go far enough to protect Michigan youth. These policies do not prohibit menthol-flavored products, refillable pod systems or disposable e-cigarettes, and leave flavored e-liquids in every imaginable flavor widely available.
• The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the urgency in protecting lung health. Smoking greatly harms overall health and can increase the risk for harm and exacerbate respiratory infections, such as COVID-19. There is growing evidence that vaping can also harm lung health.
Sign the petition to protect our kids!

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