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The Michigan State Medical society (MSMS) has partnered with Jodi Schafer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP owner of Human Resources Management Services (HRM Services). As a MSMS/OCMS member, you have exclusive access to a variety of human resources services to help you navigate these waters like a professional.
 MSMS’s Human Resource System developed for use in medical practices:
Fully customizable handbook template
Employee forms and checklists
New hire paperwork
Sample documents (job descriptions, performance appraisals, disciplinary notices, requests for leave, etc.)
“Physicians go to medical
school to become skilled and
effective practitioners, not
business owners. So, owning
your own practice requires a
steep learning curve, often
riddled with frustration and
mistakes. HRM Services works
with you to alleviate these pressures. We’ve spent the last 20+ years helping business owners manage their most valuable resource– their people.”
-Jodi Schafer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
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