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by Randy James
2018 MMOPA CConvention a Huge Success
ongratulations MMOPA members who attended
the Colorado Springs Convention at the beautiful
Broadmoor. Due to a sudden acute condition,
a.k.a. rogue gallbladder, I could not attend much I am most proud of the announced new 501(c)(3)
to my disappointment. But I have heard from entity created for the implementation of flight safety and
many longtime MMOPA members this event was the education for PA46 aircraft, which will return to every
best convention ever. Strong praise from several with exceptionally high standards. I hope all felt that way. The only credit I should receive is for lobbying with Bill Alberts and the MMOPA Board for a return to the Broadmoor years ago – perhaps four or five. So, I am thankful the convention was a huge success. But the real credit goes to our very talented Executive Director Dianne White and my last-minute stand-in Jon Sisk. And of course, the academic director Mary Bryant who, along with Bill Alberts, put together an informative and interesting academic program.
Past President Manny Casiano receives the President's Award at the 2018 Convention.
participating member more dollars than a member pays to MMOPA to be a member. Those Foundation dollars may be used for supplemental training with MMSTF seminars, M-Class seminars as well as training referenced in Joe Casey’s presentation at the convention as well as described in the pages of this magazine issue. Your Board had studied carefully the issue of safety and how best to serve as many members as economically feasible rather than a select few members. This new Foundation is the result in conjunction with the work of Joe Casey’s and
MMOPA Safety and Education Foundation

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