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MMOPA Member Guide
Malibu M-Class Owners & Pilots Association
18149 Goddard St. Overland Park, KS 66013
The Malibu/Mirage Owners & Pilots Association (MMOPA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interests and safety of owners and pilots worldwide who fly PA46 derivative (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, JetPROP and Matrix) aircraft. MMOPA was founded in 1988, and now serves nearly 1,000 members. MMOPA is not affiliated with the Piper Aircraft, Inc., of any other manufacturer/vendor.
Membership is available to any registered or prospective owner and/or operator of qualified aircraft or any qualifying individual or organization involved with or providing a service for the PA46 family of aircraft. Dues are $250 annually and includes a subscription to MMOPA Magazine, access to the MMOPA members website and forums, Jeppesen subscription discounts, and eligibility to attend MMOPA events and activities (additional fees may apply to some events).
Member-Only Benefits & Services
MMOPA ONLINE FORUMS: One of the most active online forums in general aviation, the MMOPA forums has dozens of messages posted each day. It is the ideal place to discuss ownership, safety, operational and maintenance topics, absorb information or get any question answered.
MMOPA HOTLINE: Members have access to experts to answer questions regarding airframe/engine, avionics, legal issues and general membership.
MMOPA LIBRARY: The MMOPA website has an in-depth library with a variety of maintenance instructions and
best practice documents, checklists, POH’s and guides. In addition, there are training and safety content, Service Bulletin information and back issues of MMOPA Magazine. New resources are continually added and updated.
ANNUAL CONVENTION: Each year, PA46 pilots and enthusiasts gather for a four-day event featuring seminars, vendor trade show and social activities. The convention is open to MMOPA members and nonmembers.
MMOPA SAFETY & EDUCATION FOUNDATION: A 501(c) (3) charitable entity, the Foundation is an independent entity that is dedicated to engaging with MMOPA members to help them operate their PA46 aircraft in the safest possible manner. The foundation’s sole purpose
is to promote, support and fund safety initiatives, programming, resources and tools. In addition, it may include direct vouchers to MMOPA members who attend training programs provided by MMSTF and M-Class.
JEPPESEN SUBSCRIPTION DISCOUNT: Members receive a 15-month subscription for the price of a 12-month subscription. The savings alone more than cover the cost of MMOPA’s annual membership dues.
MMOPA TRAINING DIRECTORY: MMOPA Vendor Members who have represented that they offer type- specific initial and recurrent PA46 training with an insurance-approved syllabus.
RACE INITIATIVE: MMOPA and Piper Aircraft have developed a means for members to submit input to the Piper RACE Team (Reliability of Aircraft & the Customer Experience). This is a streamlined mechanism for real- world user experience from members to be provided
to decision makers at Piper, for the purpose of making product design changes that benefit the PA46 fleet.
MARKETPLACE: Members and vendors can list aircraft,
 MMOPA Executive Director
Dianne White
 parts, services and other•° this online listing service.
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