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putting the highest priority on the biggest threat to LOC during various phases of flight.
David Purvis presentation on the "Flying Hierarchy of Needs" delved into the four stages of learning and how pilots should strive to elevate above rote learning to develop a deeper knowledge base, skillset and correlative understanding that will translate into safer piloting.
Greg Wroclawski and his spouse Dr. Pamela Alberto riveted the audience with their story about two separate engine-out incidents and what they learned from each. Pam shared the importance of her role in the cockpit
in monitoring engine gauges, watching for traffic and confirming fuel, gear and speeds.
Garmin's Chris Bauer presented an update of current programs available, such as the G500/600 TXi, and those that are in development, including G1000 NXi for the M500 for 2019, and GFC600 (schedule to be determined).
That evening, members took in the break-taking views of the eastern plains and surrounding mountains from deck of the Cheyenne Lodge while enjoying great buffet and drinks.
On Friday, Oct. 5, Safety Committee members Bart Bartlett and Joe Casey kicked off the morning with safety presentations. Bart described the Proficiency Assessment Review, its purpose and how owners can use it to evaluate and improve their skills throughout the entire spectrum
of operation.
Joe Casey outlined the Master Aviator Program in detail and previewed the upcoming Operational Practices that will soon be available.
Other presentations on Friday included care and maintenance of de-ice boots, a discussion of avionics developments by Sun Aviation's Al Rice and an entertain- ing and informative look at flying to Cuba, Guatemala and the Bahamas by Board Member Paul Himes.
Bill Panarello presented a fast-paced and information- packed session on weather analysis for flight planning.
After the session, attendees understood how to use the lifted index chart and the graphical turbulence guidance plots, as well as a number of other tools found on the and the websites.
There were also breakout roundtable meetings for Malibu, Mirage/M350, Meridian/M500/M600 and JetPROP owners.
That evening, the annual dinner and auction took place at The Broadmoor. Past President Manny Casiano was honored with the President's Award, which was presented by Jon Sisk on behalf of Randy James. The Award was established by the Board to recognize an individual or group for their significant contributions to the education of members and the safe operation of the PA46 fleet. Manny has delivered the Safety Review at the convention every year since 2006 with the goal of imparting knowledge that will lead to zero PA46 accidents.
Winners of the MMOPA Golf Tournament, held the Wednesday just prior to the convention start, were also recognized. Member Ryan Oltman and his wife

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