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                                   2018 Convention
        After Hurricane Irma forced the cancel- lation of the 2017 Convention, MMOPA
regrouped and committed to putting together an outstanding event for 2018. The result was one of the most well-
attended and most well-received conventions in recent memory. Held at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the 2018 event hosted approx- imately 400 members, companions, sponsors, exhibitors and guests. At the Colorado Springs airport, host FBO Cutter Aviation had 109 PA46 aircraft parked on its ramp.
More than a third of the attendees were first- timers, and the convention hosted members from
all over North America – from Alaska to Quebec and throughout the Lower 48. Heiko Lodes, from Regensburg, Germany, took the honor of traveling the furthest.
With MMOPA President Randy James unable to attend due to illness, Executive Director Dianne White and Past President & current Ombudsman Jon Sisk kicked off the convention Thursday morning with a welcome and recognition of sponsors, exhibitors and convention organizer Bill Alberts.
First up, Piper CEO Simon Caldecott provided an update on the company's financial performance, deliveries and current projects as it relates to the M-Class product line.
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